Monday, November 3, 2014

November in Raincouver

i was warned about the weather. yeah sure there's no snow in the winter, but there isn't much to be seen of the sun either. for the most part it's working in my favour right now, the overcast skies and sundown at five makes for easy day sleeping when working the night shift. my two new housemates however are not as impressed.

one comes from France, and the other from Australia. both are overwhelmed by the rain thus far, but both had made the decision to start their Canadian journeys here in Vancouver to dodge most of the typical Canadian winter.. sub-zero temps and lots of snow. well, it doesn't rain all day every day... but yeah, every day.

like most other things so far on this adventure, i even managed to luck out on my work schedule. i work every other night and a day shift Friday, so the only overnight on the weekend is Saturday night. better than no weekend at all.. and it just works out that i can still do the gardening gig wednesdays before working wednesday night, then i can crash out all day thursday. i'll have to either find another part-time job for days in the winter, or pick up more hours at this place to make it through. this place is expensive.. but still worth it.

a monthly transit pass here is a worthy investment, especially in the winter months. i was starting to go a little stir crazy there not being able to speed around town besides work and back, now i can go on random mini adventures even if it's just to an Asian market downtown to get some cheap fruit.

halloween was pretty sweet. and once again, my weekend was blessed by some unexpected good company. i handed out candy to a couple hundred kids while we hung out on the front porch waiting to hit up a punk show. by some sort of miracle, it stopped raining early afternoon on halloween, and the sun came out the next morning for most of the day. after partying all night long it was nice to crawl out onto the back porch with a big cup of tea and soak up the sun. after days of not seeing it, one can't help but smile regardless of the level of hangover.

ahh life is good. crazy, unpredictable, and somewhat out of order, but good no less. i love that i still never have any idea what day of the week it is. i suppose i should take a nap or something to prepare for work tonight, at least my schedule is just as awkward as my natural lack of a sleeping pattern. so far it's working out well. i need to go fall over now.. happy November. onward!

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