Sunday, October 11, 2015

chasing rainbows

i've got to start somewhere. some things just need to be written. i have been neglecting the writing for fear of being read. my life story reads out like a synchronicity thriller romantic comedy that will never be seen in full light as it is way too chaotic, kinda silly at times, and makes absolutely no sense. until it does.. then it's also freaky as fuck. i could never even write about some of the best years, that shit could get a lot of good people in a lot of trouble. this chapter in particular tho.. just wow.

where was i going with this..?

what am i here for? i seem to think i know or act like i remember every few months or so and then it fades, it changes.. i'm here for a time, and a time i'm having. quite possibly the most interesting, ass-busting, heart-breaking, epic time of my life. i've been here thirteen months and thirteen days. 13, 13. it's kinda like that double rainbow... what does it mean? and everything happens in trees. threes.

i don't fucking care if i sound mental writing this. i am mental most of the time, i just do a really good job at hiding it. i'll probably lose a few more bits of my mind before i feel any better. in fact, that's probably essential. i'm not complaining. truly i'm not. shit might get weird at times and it's not all rainbows and glitter but i certainly would never take any of it back.