Friday, June 14, 2013

i'm back!

so i fell off the face of the planet for a couple weeks, no big deal... it was a good little vacation. i've been back for a week actually but i've been so exhausted that sitting at a computer typing just doesn't feel like a good idea.

the flight wasn't bad, and the trip was amazing, i met people from 27 different countries, it feels like i travelled the world in six days. i didn't sleep.. i got a total of eleven and a half hours the entire time i was gone . too much to do, to see and way to many people to meet. it was incredible, i'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

we've been getting a lot of rain, so the excitement at home has been dealing with water in the basement. and we live in the basement so... it's been a chore.

otherwise since we have been getting so much rain, the weather has been perfect for long walks on the town. one of our favourite places downtown called 'the Thoth' showcases a large selection of urban art, and it's a nice secluded place to enjoy some fresh herbs and a snack by the water. the garden is more or less taking care of itself right now with all the rain we are getting, so we can spend time out and about, and cleaning or dampened hobbit hole.

i got my partner wearing the fivefingers, he loves them! of course he's wearing mine... how lucky was i to find a dude with the same shoe size?! haha.. ah well. though the thoth is one of my favourite places, it isn't somewhere you would want to wander barefoot. some more questionable people hang out there at night, and broken glass isn't the only thing there is an abundance of that you don't wanna get stuck in your foot.

it looks a little gray out there again today, i should really get ready for work.. just wanted to stop in to my blogspot to let the world know i'm still alive! i tend to shy away from the interwebs when the weather is nice, and 18 degrees and overcast is my favourite :). toodles for now! lots to write when i get home..

Sunday, June 2, 2013

leaving [on a jetplane]

this will be my first time flying in years... about 16 years to be exact. the last time i flew i filled eleven airsick bags, and i vaguely remember landing.. i'm really hoping that i've gotten over motion sickness by now. this time it's two separate planes, the first ride is about an hour long, and the second part is a couple hours. not bad... still would have rather taken a bus.

i'm going to the annual [international shareholders' conference in arkansas. i have been with the company off and on for a decade [when i wasn't busy traveling or learning] and it's an honour and privilege to get to attend this week long party. and damn right, i deserve a paid for vacation! there's concerts and a baseball game, a vendor fair, store and museum tours, and a bunch of other crazy walmart activities. we found out one of the big names playing at the concert venue, Elton John! wow..

one thing we were advised to do is bring as many canada souvenirs as we could fit in our packs. it is an international meeting, 27 different countries represented.. all bringing homeland goodies to trade. i'm looking forward to networking with with people from all over the world! what an epic opportunity.

my only concern... leaving behind my freshly planted garden. matt will be home most of the week, i hope he remembers to water everything.. *cough someone remind him thanks cough*. there doesn't seem to be any rain in the forecast. i'm glad it rained all day yesterday, just as i finished planting the beds. everything got a good soaking and a chance to root.

well i got some last minute packing to do, and a few errands to run before i leave. i'm out first thing in the morning, see you in a week, canada!