Tuesday, August 11, 2015

'super crazy fun time [VanCity] challenge'

it's been a pretty strange summer for me. most usually i do whatever i can to get some time off for travel or epic relaxation, but this year i've been playing catch up. i moved my home base out to a new place and spent a good chunk of time just moseying around. and here i am, East Van. anyways, since my focus has been narrowed down to city survival i just haven't had the time to do as many new things as i'd like, i'd pretty much stopped writing and drawing, and meeting new people has been out of the question. it's been making me anxious to the point where at times i forget why i came out here. a dear friend's response to this was to send me a challenge.

 i received an envelope filled with brightly coloured flash cards and instructions. it was to be a 'challenge a day' type thing for the month of August, but i didn't receive it til late in the first week. the craziest thing about that is, i somehow managed to start the challenge before it even arrived. flipping through the cards the first time made me laugh out loud. how did she know?! ...or how did i know.. either way, i guess we have that sort of connection, making random things seem not so random and having everything work out in the end.

one of the strangest coincidences i'd have to say was the one about finding an Ethiopian restaurant down on the drive. i had a friend visiting from the east coast early in the week, and he had his sights set on finding some Jamaican food. the one we found was not-so-authentic and not at all fresh so we continued on down the line. we came across an Ethiopian place with a really kind server to show us the ropes. it was my first time trying such a thing. it was delicious. when i got the package a few days later it was one of the first cards i'd pulled out. find this Ethiopian place and give it a try... weird. that worked out nice.

the other that kind of blew my mind was instructions to get a hold of a particular person on the island and have her give me knitting lessons over skype. something random involving someone rad. the night before, my housemate asked me outta nowhere if i'd like to learn how to crochet. had no idea she was in to that sort of thing, so i said okay. and a week before that i had already made plans to visit with said rad individual on the island. all the things only slightly different, and more coincidences at hand.

as if the coincidences couldn't get any more strange, this one takes the cake. one card had very specific instructions to "take a selfie with someone you see regularly but wouldn't expect it." when i read that one out loud i was officially creeped out at how specific it was, and how it'd happened just a couple days before. i see my housemate every day. we work together part of the week. we don't really take many pictures when we hang out, and for absolutely sure had never taken one together. it was a super soaker rainy wednesday and we had just worked most of the day in it. i pulled out my phone to check the time and it slipped out of my hand. craccckk. on the bus ride home i took a moment to survey the damage and noticed the crack went right through the "selfie camera" lens. we were playing around with it as the light made trippy patterns through the split. i pointed it in our direction, we both pulled a face, and bam. there it is.

i'm grateful to have this challenge to help get my creative juices flowing again and give me an excuse to write some things so i don't forget it all. the summer that is, and all the random happenings. the good stuff life is made of. i'm going to savour these little cue cards well into the fall, and maybe even save some of the best ones for winter [and watch the rest randomly manifest]. maybe i'll write a few of my own.

 all that said, what i'm getting at is.. thanks! to that lovely amazing friend back home, for sending me a buttload of intention, for helping me hit the restart button on the random freshness in my life. my mind was getting stale you know, i needed that. and to remember why i write this thing in the first place. it's time to pull another card or two and be on my merry way.