Tuesday, July 1, 2014

finding time.

better today. i feel quite a bit of relief every time i figure out another step towards my freedom, towards retirement from the 40-hour a week, 49 week a year working-for-the-man lifestyle i've been [mostly] upholding for the past five years. it's just not me. i feel a bit more at ease working with finite timelines, projects that have a beginning that comes with an end in sight. as much as i love a good homebase to return to, i just as much enjoy being unattached.

i had to find some time in between working full-time and moving along to sort all of my affairs and deal with my worldly belongings. i've been anchored here so long there's been time to collect. barnacles on my vessel. and also, to sort my finances and collect funds from the various sources that pay out after quitting such a job, which will help get me a jump start on the next segment of my life.

it's a good thing i more or less have to quit early, because i was also hoping to find some time to spend some mornings in the garden. it's in the shade till noon, and it's the best time to get garden work done without roasting in the midday sun. working steady day shifts hasn't allowed me as many productive hours out there as i'd hoped for, this will give me a chance to spend quality time out back. waking up out in a tent beside the garden [sans alarm] will be nice for a few weeks too.

i'll have a chance to travel around the peninsula and visit varous friends i would not have otherwise found the summer-time to hang out with. i'll get to hang out with the person i've been attempting to share my life with for a good long while, but never get to spend time with due to working opposite shifts. we'll go on a few dates mayhaps, take a bikeride to the lake, cache some geos. i'll have time to take a few mid-afternoon naps, and read a good book or two under the tree.

for now i should probably look into getting some sleep. i have 161 working hours left before departure. the first set of which come early tomorrow morning, and i must prepare for the day! onward..

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