Saturday, July 19, 2014


i've been carrying my pack around lately. gotta get used to those straps again. the load is heavy at times, but that rucksack is my wings. time is moving at it's own pace. dissolving here and there. i have to keep a count to not lose track. i don't have many days left at my job. i'm glad to have an extended vacation, though i will miss my team. thank goodness for this futuristic communication technology.

opportunities happen when you accept what is. at least that seems to be what's happening to me. i get in these funks where i just don't care to acknowledge this, and things don't change. for years at a time even. and as soon as i accept, things change. it's not always easy, that's the problem.

i'm glad that i finally said yes to change.

i'm excited for the first day i don't have to wake up at any particular time to be somewhere besides my garden. i managed to book myself into driving school on every day i have off between now and the end of my employment, so i'll be kept good and busy until then. that first day though... either i'll sleep in, or i'll be up extra early to spend five hours in the garden before breakfast. whatever happens, it's gonna be good.

my packlist is coming together nicely. i decided that my laptop takes up far too much space in my pack, and it's too heavy.. so i'm having my netbook repaired. i have no idea why netbooks are no longer made, they're damn perfect travel computers. it's everything a laptop is minus the cd drive. who needs 'em! haha. anyways, so that's in the works as well. i shouldn't need many new things, i've accumulated a decent collection of various gear over the years. i had to update my footwear recently, but that'll be another post in itself. it's been a while since i've reviewed some gear, it's about time.

what am i getting at here.. i'm already drifting, somewhere but where i'm standing. it's becoming increasingly hard to focus at my job with all of this change on my mind. i pay my last rent, i receive my final paycheck. it's all happening, very soon. within the next couple weeks to be exact. my loot is finite. my attitude towards money and expenses has changed already. wants versus needs are defined. moments are more important than ever. the course of the day can be changed with a smile.

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