Friday, June 27, 2014

6-27 [summer daze]

i haven't been feeling well lately. sleepy but can't sleep, nausea.. the anxiety aside, i forgot about something. oh right, it's summer. i seem to forget each year how crappy i feel when the humidity hits full swing.. i feel like a steaming rotted heap of uncomfortable garbage. i've been trying to get back to a] sleeping, b] at night and c] for longer than an hour and a half. fortunately so far we've been getting a break at night with some cool air. makes for some interesting storms..

now i just need to sleeeeeep. all the usual fixes aren't fixing, it's hard to shut down the brain. it's the long weekend we're coming in to for the first of july.. and i'll be here reading till my eyeballs are bleeding trying to tire out my head.

time to get back on track. only have to hold this pattern a little while longer. i somehow managed to nearly remove the tip of my finger, and slice open my foot on the same day. two separate incidents.. wow go me. tomorrow first thing, power smoothie and the gym.

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