Tuesday, May 14, 2013

winter's last kiss...

this happens every year it seems, we have a few weeks of almost summer weather and then we experience a mid-May cold snap.. this one came as such a shock as the temperatures went from mid twenties right back down to freezing in about a day. i woke up frozen as i realized the furnace never kicked on..

it's the perfect weather to bundle up in a couple of nice thick sweaters. can still get away with no jacket if i'm smart about it, truth be told... i love sweater weather. so i'm kinda glad winter came back around with it's final kiss, i was starting to feel the heat.

the sky is crisp on the walk to work.. painted with clouds of bright white and deep chilling grey. the view is stunning as i make my way over the bridge, i stop to take it in. the smell of wood burning stoves fills my nose... nostalgia. i am thankful for the peaceful walk.. to reflect, and project future dreams into reality.

welcome back winter if only for a minute.. you prepare my heart for a spring of hard work and gardening.

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