Sunday, May 19, 2013

hot, hot sun.

wasn't it just the other day ago i was speaking of winter's last kiss? oh my, we really don't get spring anymore.. summer is charging right in. or maybe it's just the midday sun... the breeze still has a coolness to it and i'm grateful for that. it was so chilly this morning it's hard to believe this is the same day.

got a lot accomplished today, even if a couple hours of the day was simply pacing the back yard.. lots of good ideas, relaxation... feels good to be home. i'm glad i have a staycation coming up, followed by a work trip down to the southern states for a whole week. so i get paid to garden, and then paid to travel... i'm okay with that.

Matt and i cleared a bunch more of the 'meadow' today to make way for the veggie bed. and uncovered the bench seats around the firepit, i had a burn earlier today to get rid of some brush and weeds. got a decent amount of sun.. i even pulled out the old two man tent that i lived in for a little while. i don't think it saw the light of day all year last year as i was flying solo with the one man, so i was anxious to get it set up and out of the bag for a while. i might spend the night in it if it doesn't get too cold.

i picked up a bunch of plants this weekend too. the top shelf was from the farmer's market, and the bottom from the grocery garden center. silly me, i forgot about the two huge dogs, so i'll have to grab something to use as a barrier before i pop them in the ground. hopefully they'll be fine in their containers til tuesday when i can pick something up.

getting the inside organized finally too.. geez we've been here three weeks and most of our stuff was still stacked in totes and boxes! haha.. well we went from having the majority of our stuff in storage and sharing only a room, to having all of our stuff and sharing an apartment. sooo... we must collect furniture!

we finally sprung for some freakin shelves so we could clean up the main room. now it almost looks like an actual apartment! ...until you get to the bedrooms haha. well one is a bedroom, the other is more of a storage closet at the moment, with a chest freezer and a bunch of other stuff. i'm not too heartbroken over the fact that we don't have much.. we have what we need and a few creature comforts, and we have each other. life is good.

i managed to make this post take the entire day to write, a sentence here and there in between everything else.. and now it's dark again, and the night is chilly. nice night for a fire though... woohoo no work in the morning! happy long weekend indeed.

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