Wednesday, May 8, 2013

five years.

five years ago todayish.. i stepped off a bus out in the canadian prairies and stuck out my thumb. i didn't have a plan, any idea where i'd end up, or any home to go back to. just a tent, a rucksack and a little company. i walked away from a full time job, a nicely furnished apartment.. a sane, regular life that i had become bored of. i felt useless, stuck.. like i could do better for myself. so i cashed out my stocks, sold all my stuff and took off to find where i belong.

and i took my time doing it. time was all i had really, and enough loot to float by for a while. i didn't bother with a phone. back then there wasn't plans like there are today, and a calling card was enough for when i came across a telephone. random use of computers at libraries and internet cafes was my connection to the world. each day was slow and steady. every moment counted, everything was so brand new. i was wide open for whatever the wide open country would bring to me.

eventually, it brought me right back to where i started, but in a different place in my mind. though i had an amazing time wandering and camping and working crazy cool temp jobs on either coast of the country, i had a greater appreciation for all that i had at home. 

it's usually about this time each year that i get restless, yearn for the roadlife once again. this year i got to move to a new place right at the beginning of may, with a friend.. we start a new journey together now, finding our way and the balance between adventure and stability. it's usually a lot harder to resist that urge to just ditch out with a rucksack. this time i'm so excited for every new day and all of the work [and play] lined up for the season that escaping is far out of the question. and it feels good.

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