Sunday, May 12, 2013

cold sunday.

brrr. mid May cold snap... i'm pretty sure i went to the laundromat just as much to warm up as i did to do the laundry. it was also a good day to drag a couple carts full of soil and manure from the market across the street. the wind and hail discouraged me from digging though, so i retreated to our subterrarium homestead. by the way, i thought i made that word up, turns out it's the name of a place in germany which happens to be some sort of underground [literally?!] art studio/club. neato! ...yoink...

anyhoo.. i promised myself i'd write more, and make some use of this blogger thing, so here goes.. imma use it to keep track of all these crazy ideas i get about what i'm going to do with my home or my yard, or my food or my life or whatever.. so i don't forget to use them! facebook is great and all, but not as much geared towards free form writing. awesome for pictures, but i like to share a few here with the story too.

so we just moved to our new basement apartment, and we have access to a pretty big back yard. to make times a little more interesting, Matt lost his job, so he's been relying on random temp labour jobs and handing out resumes, and the penny jar is pretty low. we can afford to get by if we are very frugal, so we're getting some practice at being super resourceful. being broke also makes us more conscious of our possessions and re-purposing things instead of buying new.

a lot of what we have for kitchen wares was given to us from our previous roommates who wanted to thin their collection, and from Matt's mom.. so we have a crazy odd-ball collection of dishes, but it's all we need. two other friends gave me two awesome sets of storage jars and canisters, and we found a bunch of stuff in storage that hadn't seen the light of day in years that we finally got to unpack. between the two of us we could probably start a library, our collections rival one another. amongst some of our other collectibles, cards and figurines that had been stashed away from our kidhoods.

i didn't quite get to paint right away as i had hoped, we don't have the money right away to get it done. it's kinda cool though because we have more time to think about how we want to finish our space to make it 'us'. plus if imma be a domesticated animal, i gotta do it up right. i'll start in the bathroom.. it's a small space and we can paint and decorate for next to nothing. since we're in a basement apartment with strange lines, textures and spaces, i was thinking we could keep it funky, maybe a little on the colourful side to brighten it up and make it fresh. it's pretty dingy and neglected so whatever we change will be for the better. so anyway the bathroom.. i was thinking to make it look kinda like a bamboo outhouse all rugged and stuff, like the one in Jurassic park! haha..

the center wall in our apartment is exposed painted concrete block. one side is our living room wall, the other side is the hallway to the bathroom. i'm trying to come up with some ideas of how i can use the texture creatively. so far i was thinking since i'm starting with the bathroom, i could continue out into that hallway, and paint the blocks to look like big old mossy bricks. i know this sounds ridiculous, but i'm pretty ridiculous. him too. so it works!

well that's all i got for now. i already threw down a couple more posts on my other blogs, one about the garden, and one aboout the challenge.. most particularily about the experience i had finally cutting off my dreadlocks. what a change.. i feel.. different. change is good.

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