Saturday, May 25, 2013

garden vacation

yeaaay! so happy i get to have a garden this year. although, we've had to start from scratch.. it's been fun though, and we had the last few years at the white house to learn from. i'm glad we have a chance to try new things and different methods. i dropped a new post over at Southern Ontario Urban Permaculture about our experimental beds.. we're trying some cardboard garden beds built in layers of mulch, topsoil and other good stuff. it was perfect cool weather with the warm sun to be out back digging away. i have the week off so i can hit the farmer's market tuesday, thursday and saturday to pick up more fruit and veggie plants from some of my favourite vendors.

matt had an interview for a job yesterday, and it sounds like it's a go.we had a wee sort of housewarming gathering today, it was nice. some vids, garden tours and a bonfire, catching up and sharing stories with a few good old friends. couldn't have had a better day.

tomorrow, i'll head out to the country to my pop's place to borrow a mower [ha!] and collect a rain barrel that we will use here at the house. it's a busy week lined up, then i fly out to the southern states at the end of it.. 2o13, you so crazy..

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