Sunday, August 11, 2013

quality time

i've been so busy lately, i forget to visit the garden and just hang out. finally i did so last night, matt worked the night shift so i didn't feel bad pitching a tent out back. the fire was warm, the air was cool, i watched the leaves of the sunflowers dance in the gentle air current swirling around the yard. i wasn't tired any longer, i was filled with ideas and dreamings for next year's garden bed design.
i'm so grateful that we have this space. we call our bachelor basement apartment our 'hobbit hole', and the shire out back is shared with the community above. it's like our very own nature getaway in the middle of the city. the garden is a talking point, a home for tiny creatures, and food for the house. it's always an adventure to walk through it, something new and different every day. a newly ripened fruit, an opened flower, dancing honey bees... it's one of my favourite places to be.
summer is just about over. it's hard to believe it was three months ago we had just moved in, and started digging out back, and mowing down the meadow that the yard once was.  we have established somewhat of a routine in our little space, being on opposite shifts and schedules gives the dance an interesting twist. the kitchen is my sanctuary, if i have to be indoors that's where i prefer to be. it's the window with the most sun in the afternoon, which will be my saviour come winter to keep some green in my life.
but for now, there's still some summer left to be enjoyed. and the end of it will be spent on the east coast.. making the most of every moment, as always.


  1. Word, yo. I'm sitting here in the shed with a fat one so it made me think of you, and there you were, at the top of my feed. Interesting how things work, you know? Stay up, homie.

    1. wonup brothrin! i seem to forget to look back for replies haha.. i write from the shed my friend, every time <3
      big uppps!!!