Saturday, August 24, 2013

follow the sunrise

i can't wait to get out there again.. it's been a few years already since i've been. the east coast is my favourite coast.. it's closer, cheaper, and more like home. culturally, i mean.. no matter where you go out there, you're family. and this time, i get to bring matt with me. he's travelled before, by means of flight to faraway islands, the very type of travel i have never done. yet... but soon, apparently. anyhoo.. i'll get to show him another way to travel. it's a shame we don't have the time to hitch around. regardless, no airplanes, no hotels, no plan. just a greyhound ticket.

we leave in less than a week. six more sleeps to be exact. it always seems so surreal until you sit down on that bus and it pulls out of the station, and then there's the smile... i'm getting out of here! finally, just for a little while. i got to travel earlier this year, i was sent to arkansas, the homeland of the company i work for. it's a beautiful place, i wish i had more time to enjoy it but our itinerary was full from before sunrise to well after sunset each day. it was hardly a vacation, as it wasn't meant to be. an experience that certainly changed my life, all i'm saying is... i still need a real vacation, some time to chill out! and nova scotia is the perfect place to do that. home of the sunrise, the ocean's playground. yep, six more sleeps...


  1. Haha, just six more sleeps, you're such a kid, I love it. I'm glad you're getting to travel, no matter the means. I know it's good for your soul.

    1. FIVE MOARRR SLEEEPPPS!!!! yesss hahaha.