Tuesday, August 27, 2013

it's tuesday..

i finally managed to write something on a day that isn't the weekend! ahh okay that's a lie.. it's tuesday, but it's really my 'saturday' today. for years i didn't know what it was like to have a weekend off, then for a while i made my own weeks. now after almost three years of working straight monday to friday, i rotate my weekends off again. i kinda like it, having a tuesday to do shopping or go to the bank while everyone else is at work is kinda nice.

it's been a pretty good 'weekend' so far, i spent my 'friday' [monday] night catching up with an old friend out by the fire, and picked a whole bunch of freshness from the garden. i had planned to prepare for our journey east today, but the weather decided to be sweltering and i chose to get what i could done from the hobbit hole instead. the garden needed to have a good once over before we left anyways, lots of produce to preserve one way or another until we get back.

three years already it's been since i've been out east. i'm glad i get to take matt with me, he gets to meet some of the people that had an impact on me, and helped to shape the hippy that i am today. a full week of true relaxation, fresh air, lake and sea water, and good people.

when we get back, we will have to start preparing for fall and winter. the garden will need to be picked over again, so that we can pull everything out before we lay the bed to rest. it will be a good time to get some good hikes and bike rides in before the cold returns. winter will be a time to focus on the inside of our little dwelling, do some painting and organization and even crafts.. and to sort through everything we have collected over the years and brought together when we settled in.

i am so grateful for all that i have, the lessons of the past year and the potential that lies ahead. i appreciate this time that i get to sit down and think [and write!] about the simple joys in life, and that it's not so impossible to look forward into the future. having matt around has really changed me, he's made me calm and brought a peace to my life that has been missing for a long time. having a home base and someone trustworthy to share it with means a lot to me. forever forward ->

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