Friday, July 3, 2015


everything is a drum.
and four strings are better than none.


i'm going to blame my lack of sleep on my lack of expression.
maybe if i write i'll be able to sleep
who knows, just a theory.
i've been quiet lately
in more ways than one.

everything is a drum.
it's loud..


  1. writing helps me sleep. often when I find myself tossing and turning, I will then switch my laptop on or grab my notebook and just... lose myself... And then there is the rough workings of a poem or word vomit, and I'm suddenly sleepy.

    I hope you've been able to fall asleep with ease since posting this. and I hope (if you are referring to solitude) you've found pleasant company in some form (music is mine)

    1. i wish it were so. thanks for the kindness. i'll try again..

  2. You are so tallented. Love your poems.

    xoxo ♥