Wednesday, July 29, 2015

eleven months

it's almost been a year since i abandoned my hometown home base. i've left so many times, and travelled so many miles, but had never fully uprooted. seems so long ago already, i can't believe it really.. and the adventure continues. not gonna lie, it certainly hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me. i'm grateful for the friends out there who always manage to talk me down when i'm strung up on shit i have little or no control over, like what might come around tomorrow. today is all i know.

so far taking up residence here in the west has sort of felt like a long working vacation, the goal is to keep it that way for a while. i don't want to get locked in to monotony as i did the past few years back home. i've had a couple jobs since i've been here, mostly along the lines of retail/warehouse. i have one part time gardening job right now, and i'm hoping to fill the rest of my week with some landscape maintenance. the hardware store gig is cool and all, but it doesn't pay well enough and yeah.. it's still inside a box.

speaking of boxes.. the slanty shanty in which i've been residing the past few months is eternally wasting away. for the most part i don't mind, it's kind of like camping. with all the critters around and inside temperatures always matching the outside, i haven't felt as boxed in as i usually do when i decide to live indoors. i fear this place has a fast approaching expiry date, but i'm soaking up every minute of it while it lasts. if there's any constant i can count on, it's change.

i suppose there's one thing i need to change on my own, my attitude. i've been really down lately and i seem to forget to appreciate all the goodness that has come of my journey thus far. because really, this past year has been one of the best [or at the very least, most interesting/self realizing] years of my life. the couple before were very close contenders, besides of course losing my mother.. although the fact that she is no longer suffering is a blessing in itself.

not really sure i have much more to say at the moment. well i have a million things to say, but i've been so pressed for minutes. at least i'm keeping busy, and also learning to relax. my golf swing is slowly improving, i kick ass at cribbage, and i've almost got the nerve up to get on the road. i have to switch over my license at some point or another before it expires, and learn how to drive all over again. it's a thing.

 ah, VanCity. eleven months and counting...


  1. Good to see you still doing your thang, Sadie. I wasn't exactly certain where you had landed. I don't know if you saw my post at the tv but I made my way down to Tennessee. Quit that fucked up job in the mill, took my chances. So here I am. I like it down here, me and the fam. You know where I'm at, email me if you can. I know I'm bad about responding but I assure I will.

    1. woah wait what?! i guess i haven't checked in in a while. i'll drop you a line on the blue screen, email ain't my style ;)