Friday, February 28, 2014

seasonally affected.

yea, i get it.. we live in canada, we have this thing called 'winter', and it's cold for half the year. but damn, what is it about this winter..? the fact the we finally got one? that it's been steady cold for months on end with maybe a day or two above freezing? i don't know maybe all of it.. i just... can't wait for it to be over.

literally.. it's getting at me. maybe i'm just getting old.. but i've been wanting ever so badly to move to a warmer climate. the fact that i'd be able to grow more too.. mmm food. haha. i swear it's been getting colder every day this week, and it's supposed to be colder yet on the weekend?! dah! i don't even want to drag my clothes to the laundromat.. it's a good thing i lost the capacity to sweat weeks ago. for real, i've been working out just to get warmed up. i have to nearly kill myself to break that sweat.. that might be the very one and only thing i'd miss about the colder weather. then again, sweating it off is far too horrible a challenge, and then there's always hypothermia... i'm really not trying to sound like i'm complaining, but.. i am. ha.

 maybe it's not just me. according to 'news media', meteorologists are even saying, dayumn it's cold! coldest winter we've had in decades apparently. i've been here almost three decades, and yeah in that span of time i remember some crazy winters, big storms and long stretches of ridiculous cold. most notably, the years that i spent living outside in late high school and early adulthood. there were nights and even entire weeks i'd have to find much warmer places to hide, but nothing like this. i can't even imagine being in that position this year. weeks on end with minus double digits, it's so draining. to all my still homeless/vagabond homies, my heart goes out to you. oh and those of you further north, out west, and pretty much everyone else in this ice encapsulated country.. stay safe and warm tonight.

my skin is dry, my lips and fingers are split, the outermost curves of my thighs and butt cheeks are thoroughly chapped with frostbite from weeks of walking to work in the bitter wind [despite the layers], and my apartment is a bloody ice box. it's even freakin freezing at work. i wish it was more snow and less bitter, mind numbing frost burning wind. scrap that, i just wish it'd be over soon. not too quick though, the thaw will be sure to wreak havoc on my subterranean dwelling [as it already has]. bring it on spring.

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