Sunday, October 13, 2013

ThanksGiver SunDay

i am thankful for many things.. my family, my friends, my hunny whose birthday it is today.. our home, our garden, our love. i'm grateful that we had this opportunity [as random as it came] to become a part of each other's lives. to grow together, and reap the bounty of a garden built on love.

i am thankful for a new perspective, and all the lessons this past year has taught. i think our greatest lesson came from the sunflowers. we started them from seed a little late in the season, but we learned it's better late than never. they sprang forth from tiny little seeds, and given the necessary time, care, and the right amount of sunlight, they grew to be tall and strong. and eventually with the right amount of patience, they gave us seed to sow and share and eat.


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