Sunday, October 6, 2013

i sea and so

i am..
finally free to drop everything.. my camera, my sweater, my shoes, my ego..
and sit seaside with the sun on my face
breathe in..
the fresh ocean air fills me up
and surrounds me
as i exhale i feel myself expand into the space around me
and up over rocks and down the cliff to the water
i am no longer separated from the sea, the sky, the ground beneath me..
from you.

i am finally free of all the worries of the city life,
rushing to get to work on time, come home and pay the rent
the lord of this land wants no money
only presence.
my eyes open when a sudden wave crashes a little closer than expected
baptized by the sea
and i do feel cleansed..
it's all too beautiful to describe with words or capture in photographs
but still i try.

love to the Maritimes..

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