Friday, October 11, 2013

a new appreciation..

well maybe not so new, i've always appreciated having a reliable job and everything.. but i finally have a steady shift, something i can make a routine around. a routine is something i need to succeed in a domesticated lifestyle. even when i'm on the road i have rituals that i follow to keep me safe and sane.. i guess it's just how i deal with things.

being on the night shift for so long reminded me why i got off the shift in the first place.. it kills me in so many ways it shouldn't be legal. but i know there are people cut out for it, i used to think i was one of them. as it turns out, it's not where i wanna be. i had my first day shift yesterday in almost a month, and i was so happy that i was walking to work in the morning time i could barely contain the smile. i left extra early to enjoy the morning mist, and decided that no matter what happens nothing can phase me, i'm so happy to be back to what i've been missing. even if everything went wrong at work i would accept it with a smile on my face. at least i'm here..

i suppose you could say, it's a good thing i feel that way. it's not that everything went wrong...

and i'm okay! no panic.. the fact that i know i'm only back for a week before i fly out to a tropical island might have a little bit to do with it, but in all seriousness.. i really do have a new appreciation for my 'regular life'. it's what i want for now, so i can focus on other things. it might be crazy while i'm there but worth having some stability in my schedule.. and a healthy challenge. it's a good thing.

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