Thursday, September 26, 2013


the first leg of my journey home involves walking over a great big bridge. you can see the whole sky from up there.. the sunrise is amazing. the absolute best thing about working the night shift is enjoying the mornings. i'm most def a morning person, if any time of day was mine that'd be it. it's different when the morning comes at the end of the day, the sunrise greets me on my slow mosey home and sparkles on the dew drops collected on the grass from the cool autumn night.

after coming down off the bridge i walk through an older neighbourhood where there are many old houses that still use wood burning stoves for heating.. i love that smell. i take deep breaths and slow steps. as i turn the corner at the end of the road the sun warms my back, i see the steam rising off the roof tops and the squirrells scramble up and down the trees.

i'm almost there.. i slow down even further as i approach the house. the sun streaks through the trees and kisses the garden hello. i sit for a moment on the bench out in the yard and just breathe. i have arrived, i am home.

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