Sunday, September 22, 2013

by the lake

i'm acting all like that vacation didn't happen.. no, not really, it's had it's way with me and i do feel better. but i haven't really written about it or finished going through the photos yet and i'm already preparing for another journey. [oh wait, i did write about it, i guess i need to write more.] time to slow it down again..

the weather was rather rainy most of the week, but it didn't matter much.. we were out there. i've always said going to the east coast is like going back in time. it's almost like time takes a hike altogether for a while and the moment takes over your senses.. there's nothing more to do than relax and enjoy it.

this year's souvenirs were moments, songs and feelings.. things we could put to better use when we returned home. we both picked up some new tunes to listen to, always key to keeping the east coast vibes alive. we are reminded to take care, take our time with what we are doing. preparing our food, cleaning the house, or tapping into our creativity.. to make ordinary tasks into rituals, and embrace the present moment. this means a lot to me.

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