Monday, September 9, 2013

a breather

perhaps it had been too long since i'd last sat by the sea.. it's like hitting a reset button in my head, and in my heart. there's something about being close to the coast that i find soothing. maybe it's the fresh ocean air, the daily morning fog or the blanket of moss that covers everything.. or maybe it's the black sky at night that spares a view of the milky way that could make your heart skip a beat with it's depth and beauty. it's probably all of the above, and other things i have a hard time putting into words.
i'm glad i had a chance to take a breather, and take matt with me too. traveling together is a good way to get to know someone, and yourself. as if we travelled back through time, or eliminated time all together. we set up our home base in 'the shed'. every time i visit it becomes more and more like home.. this time the perfect addition, a bed. it just adds another element of reality to the dreams i have of living comfortably in a small dwelling on a spot of nature somewhere.
the garden out back of the shed fills it's fenced in plot, and overflows out down the hill towards the lake. there's something blooming or ready to eat each day, a new expression of nature's freshness to enjoy. not to mention the company, everyone out east treats you like family. when you come to visit there's always room, open arms and east coast hospitality. this too is refreshing, food for the soul. that and getting back in touch with old friends, i had forgotten where i'd come from, and was reminded to relax... relax.
the journey put us both back in touch with our creativity, and inspired us to pull out the paints and instruments and get back to the simple joys in life that we had too long pushed aside to be a part of the mechanical working world.. we had lost our balance. it's good to have it back, now we can get a better handle on our time management, and get the most of the moments we have once again. make time for creativity, learning, productivity, and remember to take a breather.

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