Tuesday, January 14, 2014

so fresh..

ahh yes, good ol' blog neglect. it appears as though i forgot to hit this one for a couple weeks.. didn't miss too much, mostly hibernating.. and planning for the fresh new year ahead. a week ago the weather was absolutely wretched, being minus forty degrees outside with powerful arctic wind for a good few days, there were an awful lot of Day After Tomorrow memes floating around. it finally started to thaw the past couple days, it's nice to be able to breathe the air outside again.

at least i've been keeping busy in the kitchen, trying new things like juicing greens and making different dishes from scratch that i'd never tried making before, and made a good few mean batches of chili. it's about time i'd better commit to improving my health before i fall apart any further, so i'm starting with my diet by doing my best to eliminate processed foods, which is mostly grain products filled with that delicious evil gluten. and i'm hooked on my juicer. there is absolutely nothing more satisfying to quench me than a nice fresh pressed glass of everything juice. mmmmmm everything....

...so i'm pretty excited for the garden this year. it was 6 degrees yesterday which is the warmest it's been for weeks, so i took a good long walkabout around the garden to start daydreaming about the new layout this spring. last year we hadn't moved here till pretty late in the planting season so we just kind of threw it all together, this year we have plenty of time to come up with a better design. apparently all i can think about right now is food. sprouting it, growing it, preparing it and eating it. ohsnap! i'm human! haha. now imma have a bit of that there chili over rice and a nice glass of lemon lime apple carrot ginger beet juice! ta...

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