Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sprung ahead... and indecisive.

wow, as if time isn't going fast enough, another hour right out the window... i just realized i haven't typed anything in over a week. haven't had a day off work either. it's been slightly less winter out, so i've been spending most of my week outside of the house. more or less vagabonding around, i've spent more hours trekking the town with a rucksack or surfing other people's couches [when i'm not at work].

in the past week and a bit i've been nominated to go to Arkansas for work, helped a friend deck out his new urban apartment with luscious tropicals [2 day project, soon to be augmented with herbs and vegetables], got a couple of runs in, worked every single day [did i mention tomorrow is 10 of 10 in a row?]... lost an hour of sleep that ended up being all night somehow, had my audition for said possible work trip [find out if i win by Friday], walked a sh*t ton [deployed 25 Munzees around town, on foot..], and survived mostly off of shakes and eastern-ish cuisine. i think i forgot to breathe a few times, but at least i remembered to shower [ha!]. oh yeah, and i went to that Geocaching event downtown, at a grill joint that had some damn amazing wings.

om. nom.

so much to do, house cleaning.. laundry! writing, printing... planting, digging, mapping, planning... ohh man this is gonna be a crazy year. possibly relocating?! who knows.... maybe, back to the rucksack for a little while. i'm becoming claustrophobic [as i seem to every spring] and i'm feeling the need for more space. or maybe just my own space? i've been hunting for studio or bachelor apartments that i could have all for myself, one with a kitchen... it seems that i may have a wait ahead of me. so maybe i'll spend the season living out of my backpack once again.. it depends on some luck, opportunities and timing. stay tuned...


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