Saturday, March 2, 2013

bring it on spring..

hurry up already! it's been so cold... i guess we were spoiled last winter with a ridiculously warm one. next to no snow at all.. crazy. we actually had a winter this time. for real yo. been keeping super busy planning for garden season, the SOUPgarden group has some fresh plans for 2013 including some community gardening, various urban plots throughout the city, and some minor guerrilla gardening and wildcrafting.

been spending some time at the local library parusing the ever growing collection of gardening books, and i found one in particular very inspiring. City Farmer by Lorraine Johnson is a story [rather collection of stories] about her journeys as an urban farmer, and much of her experiences involve community gardening and travelling to urban plots much like the ones i plan to help build and maintain this year.
trying to get my health back on track with a busy lifestyle has been a challenging task, but i'm doing my best. time to step it up this spring, lots of travelling to garden, garden building and maintenance, not to mention some trail running to cover the cardio. piece by piece i'm slowly incorporating new healthy habits into my lifestyle.

oh man there's so much going on i can barely keep up writing about everything i have planned for this year. gardening, learning, and some photo taking too, i'll be following around the car club again this year to photograph their charity events and city cleanups. and then there's a few other side crafting projects on the go, life is far too short to sleep!

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