Saturday, February 16, 2013

gettin' back on the blogger..

yea, it's about time. this blog was supposed to be my 'journal'.. look how well i kept up with that haha. ahem.. yeah. well, i gotta get back in the habit. so here i am, clackity clack. well first off, it's snowing like crazy outside, blowing sideways wall of whiteness.. so i'll probably be sticking inside for the rest of the evening. i got out earlier for some chinese buffet style, and i plan to spend the evening working out to make up for it.

i decided to take up a new sport... running. i started a blog to keep track of my journey, The Sage Thrive Challenge. it's about more than just the running and the training, but about an overall lifestyle change to get fit and stay that way. i did a lot of backpacking and hiking in my younger days which kept me in shape, but i've been more of an urbanite since i've been working full time and becoming more involved in my community.

what else have i been up to..? oh yea how could i forget... gardening!!! my absolute most favourite pastime ever. nutritious and delicious too! of course i spent plenty of time in the yard last year, took lots of photos and of course shared the bounty, but didn't spend as much time as i should have blogging and keeping track of the progress. i'm spending the winter months in hibernation catching up on the past crazy year, as i prepare for the one up and coming.

and in the spirit of winter and staying green, i put the bicycle in the shed and picked up a transit pass. it's been a few years since i've lived far enough from work to worry about transportation, and a transit pass was definitely a wise choice. i have once again managed to become a transit ninja, mastering the routes and transfers to get me around town in the snow.

well.. i think that's about it for my break from my workout.. time to get back to it! great things to come this year.. 2013 will be a year of postitive change for me, i can feel it! woop woop!


  1. Right on, Sadie! I'm glad you're back pounding the pavement, and writing. Just enjoy yourself.

    Oh, and you look like you belong on the cover of a magazine with them shades on....nice!

    1. thanks Ryan! those shades are my awesome two dollar thrift store find from my last adventure.. lots of pavement under foot these days... hopefully soon moreso some dirt:)