Sunday, December 23, 2012

Random Freshness

well.. it seems i took the year off from blogging.. lots to do, so little time. now that hibernation season is upon us, i'm finally getting around to sorting through my picture files. so far i've gone through the media stored in the SD card booklets, some of the CDs and still haven't touched anything saved to a phone.. that will be fun.

going through all of thse disks, i'm coming across photos i'd forgotten i had even taken, some random hikes and adventures, big city scenes and farmland chillaxin'. and garden... oh, soo so much garden. even other people's gardens! so my goal is this winter to play catch up, get back on the ball for blogging [though i was barely on it to begin with] and make some use of all these lightbeams i've been capturing.

i also found the rest of my travel photos, now i just have to find the journals to go with them. i started that adventure blog many moons ago and stopped in the middle of the east coast adventure.. and there's so many more journeys i'd love to go back and write about.

anyhoo.. time to jet for another random adventure.. i hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season... time to get excited for what 2013 brings!

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