Monday, September 11, 2017

Manifesting 'The End'

I'm often haunted by that little saying, "be careful what you wish for". Pretty sure I'm not the only one. If ever I say something might happen this way or that, my partner always says, "well don't say it like that, you speak it into existence!". He constantly reminds me that our minds are more powerful than we could ever know. We put on a show the other day, it's a mini-series on the NetFlix called How the World Ends. It demonstrates how people throughout history have predicted the world would end, and prepared for the apocalypse.

Part way into the first episode [that's about as far as we got], the narrator explains that 40% of people in America believe that we are currently living in the end of days. The ol man starts yelling at the TV, 'well of course we're in the end of days, all of civilization has made it so by predicting it!'. Suppose he could be right.. That by our entire history of civilization believing in our impending doom, we have manifested it to be so.

Perhaps we are the force of nature that pushes Mother Earth into her next cleansing cycle. Maybe it was our 'End Days' way of thinking that kept us living and consuming in a way that rapidly accelerates our climate to change for the worse. Maybe those of us who want to witness The End so bad have been reincarnated again and again here on Earth to make it happen.. Perhaps we gathered a crowd to watch the fight.

We see it every day in microcosm manifestations, the world is bleak around those who believe it to be so.. yet there are those who live through whatever comes their way with a smile on their face, and no matter their trials and troubles they survive and thrive happily even in the darkest of days. The girl who lived a sheltered, comfortable life with everything provided is hiding in her room on anti-depressants, while the old man who has been to war and witnessed his best mates blown to bits sits outside in the sunshine smiling as he picks his guitar and sings.


Not saying that I know what I'm talking about, just talking about the way I see it. It's probably 'too late' to change our self-inflicted fate, but at least we can choose to live out the rest of our days with a smile. A meteor could crash into the Earth next week wiping out life on this planet, or you could walk out into the street this afternoon and get hit by a bus. There's no real way of knowing when our end comes, but there's no sense in sitting here fretting about it. All we have is Now.

Live like there's no tomorrow, but plant seeds just in case.

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