Friday, April 8, 2016

home is where the truck is.

is it strange that i feel more at home in a pickup truck than I ever have in a house? is it so wrong that i'd rather camp out under the stars than be cooped up in an inner city hotel? nah. i don't think so.
that said, i'll be hella stoked once I finally do have a house, i'd rather build one myself though. on a flatbed trailer. i am a transient being after all. i find it hard to sit still. 

another month, and finally some sun. after several weeks of constant rain, feeling the heat is a relief on the bones and mind alike. the temperature will be in the high twenties [celsius] inland this weekend, and I can't wait to soak it up. 

working six days a week certainly contrasts how I spent most of the winter. spring brings life and lots of work to be done. hibernation time is long gone. I'm hoping the next few months will allow me to catch up financially so that next winter can be a restful time with a lot less anxiety. speaking of, I think the medication is working. 


it sometimes brings me to tears to remember how i ended up here. it's almost been two years since my mother passed. had she not, i'd still be tethered to the homelands in constant worry for her. i sometimes feel guilty for that sense of relief. i miss her like crazy and it kills me that i can't just pick up the phone and call her when shit gets weird, but i'm thankful that she's no longer suffering. i'm grateful to know she's at peace. i can still feel her with me at times, calling me out on my shit, making sure i'm always doing my best in whatever messed up situation i find myself in, and reminding me to love, unconditional.

...even if that love isn't well received. or understood. or believed. it's there and it's undying, and that's what matters. i have a hard time expressing myself. even when my heart is exploding with all the love in the world for someone, i can't always find the right way to make it known. in friendships, relationships, with family.. having suppressed my feelings for far too many years just to keep myself sane, I have forgotten how to get it out. but I'm trying. 


anyhoo.. yeah I forgot to hit publish last week. boy do I ever have a tale to tell. the adventure continues...