Tuesday, March 1, 2016

truck life

it ain't all that bad. i bought a truck a few months back fully anticipating having no place to be, and i'm glad. as of today, the place i've been couch surfing is no longer an available option, so we're preparing [Sally] to be lived in. we already kinda do for how much time we spend on the road, it'll be a pretty easy transition. the camping gear is out of storage and tucked away in a tote under the canopy, with the tool box and emergency kit. my truck mate and I took the vacuum to her to get all the cedar needles and dog fur  [which i'm sure will accumulate again in no time] and organized the cab for maximum sleeping space. 

perfect timing too. i start my new garden centre job this week, apparently it's against my karma somehow to have a job and a roof over my head at the same time. i have to laugh.. at least i'll have a locker at work to keep a few things i need. 

finally got the blogger app to work on my phone too. no more excuses not to write i suppose. besides finding free wifi. it's around.

our Sunday drive, or church as i like to call it, turned into a two day boot into the Rockies. the journey served both as a spiritual and therapeutic retreat to prepare for the upcoming challenges of living in a truck, whilst maintaining an active role in society, and my mental health.. i wrote a bit about that in my last post [which i'd link if i could, but mobile app].

i do feel significantly less anxious, and sleeping a little better than before which will surely help me through. for whatever reason i tend to find a sense of comfort having fewer attachments at the moment. i know when the time comes to live in a more standard dwelling, i'll have a greater appreciation for it, as i usually do after spending several months floating around. March will be month five. 

it'll be interesting to see how this week goes. i don't anticipate the temperature dropping to freezing too many more times this season, even so, every last scrap of bedding is currently being laundered to line the nest. that's about all I've got to say for now.. time to hit the road.

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