Thursday, March 20, 2014

a walk in the dark.

it's been an interesting week so far.. a much welcomed end to a long winter season. earlier this week, i'd lost my cell phone for a couple hours. yeah, i know.. tragedy huh? haha.. but really, i hadn't realized that i'd 'lost' it until that morning my alarm didn't wake me. i searched the house high and low, tried messaging myself from my computer, and wondered what in the hell i was going to do in the event that i'd never found it. how will anyone get ahold of me? how will Matt and i communicate? how the hell will i know what time it is?! i'd have to buy a watch on my break. as soon as i had finally accepted the fact that my phone was nowhere to be found and that i would indeed have to go the day without it, i found it in my coat pocket. how it'd gotten there i wasn't sure as i didn't leave the house the night before.

anyway, it was a strange array of emotions i had gone through for the loss of this pocket sized technical device. i had realized truly all that it is to me now that i no longer had it.. i rely on it even to do my job more efficiently as everything i do is timed, and i somehow manage to kill watches [or really anything i try to wear around my wrists at work]. i have alarms for everything, all my numbers are saved, and i monitor my activities daily with an app that connects my fitbit to my phone via bluetooth. my oh my how 'connected' i have become. hell i didn't even mention social media, which is now my main means of communication with dozens of people, some of which i talk to on an almost daily basis through this media alone.

 and then there was today. around 4:30 in the morning [roughly five minutes after my first alarm goes off] the sound of the power going out was what got me out of bed. after a few minutes passed and the candles were lit, it became apparent that it wouldn't be coming back on any time soon. i was instantly annoyed that i couldn't press any juice for the day, or make my breakfast smoothie. i had even become spoiled by technology to get some nutrients into me so i can go about my day. my time was up, and i had to leave.. only to realize it wasn't just our house.. or our street... the power was out all the to work and in the mall itself.

there was no lights but the moon out in the suburbs. and it felt creepy.. there's something i can't explain about the feeling of being in the city in the pitch black. the forest, it feels right in the dark of night but in the concrete jungle.. it was mildly unsettling at first. once my eyes had adjusted, the walk was more fun. i felt like a ninja, sneaking through the town unseen in the hours before daylight. as far as i could tell, there was certainly no weather related reasons for a power outage, and it was quite widespread to be a simple downed line. i can never help but wonder what's happening.. sometimes i even think it's planned just to get the masses used to long bouts of time without power.

as i came up out of the suburbs where the main street meets the highway i could see a glare off the damp asphalt ahead. the traffic lights were still on. it was so eerie.. no street lights, no houses lit, just darkness.. and then as if completely missed by the outage stands this one traffic signal on it's green-yellow-red rotation without skipping a beat. then i start to think, as i always do in power outages, if this might be 'it'. and what i'd be doing with the rest of my day/week/life if it never ever came back on. what all of us would be doing...


did i mention, it's the first day of spring?! HAPPY EQUINOX!!!! #nomoresnow ;)


  1. Good to sea you writing Sadie See. :) Winter is finally over, and hopefully actually over, haha. We don't need any springtime blizzards. It was a deep and dark winter for me but I feel better emerging on this other end, you feel me?

    Anyway, take care of yourself.

    1. ahh yea i feel ya homie. it's been a long dark winter indeed. i lost my mojo there for a while.. i really hope it's over for realsies. it's been rough and my system has finally had enough and here i am, sick in bed. which means now i have to write haha. you too homie good to see you're around as well.