Sunday, December 1, 2013

wooden hearts

for a couple weeks there was a stack of boxes under the stairs filled with things that were destined for the dump. the tenants upstairs told us to go through it in case there was anything we might like to keep before they throw everything away. amongst old albums and schoolwork and random broken things there was a few decorations that i liberated with the intent of updating them. i found ceramic geese, a wicker wreath and three wooden hearts glued to braided grass that read 'home sweet home' ...classic. with lots of potential.

today i started with the wooden hearts. i wasn't sure exactly what i'd do with them, so i sketched out a few little sayings and words and tried to make them fit inside the shapes. after sorting through a couple totes of craft stuff on my buy nothing black friday, i found an assortment of metallic acrylic colours. red green and gold. perfect, they fit with the theme we're already rockin' in the kitchen.

i used some leftover dollar store taupe as a base coat to cover the letters on the hearts and provide a solid backdrop for the light coloured paints. after putting the colours on i decided no further alterations are needed, no words necessary. they look nice simply red green and gold. and now they live in our hand painted crafty kitchen! happy craft day :)