Sunday, July 21, 2013

so much to do..

hiding from the heat can sometimes be inconvenient, especially when it comes to enjoying the summer. well planned mini vacations are absolutely key for my survival of the summer. i work days luckily, so during the week it's still 'cool' in the morning when i leave for work, and in the heat of the day i get to retreat to my underground nest. every other weekend i catch up on chores, but the odd weekends i like to escape.

my mini vacations mostly consist of traveling to the KW region to visit my best friend at Jenny's Cove. it's like a little cottage and garden nook in the sky, uber relaxing and a nice foliage filtered view of the sunset. we love to go to the nearby quarry to float around in the lake, we smartened up this time and didn't even leave for the place until after four to make sure we had already missed the most intense hours of sun.we do our best to pack as many mini adventures into our weekend as we can, mixed with relaxation and a few productive tasks.

back at home there's always lots to do even if i can't get out in the heat. there's so much going on to write about, and another addiction to contribute to; reading. chillin' in the basement encourages me to hang out in our common room/library and pull out a good [educational] book. i've been on a self-education kick for a while now, i currently have books on the go about permaculture, and nutrition science.

early in the morning on my weekends and in the evenings during the week, i get to sneak out to the garden to enjoy it's freshness, and check on the up and coming bounty. i can't help but feel calm and at home when i'm out in the yard, and it's a big reason why i love this place so much. as cozy as our hobbit hole is, i don't think it would have the same appeal without the benefit of a huge yard.

besides reading and writing, i've taken some time to go through our storage room and sort through a few boxes and totes. i rediscovered a small pile of art supplies, paint and canvasses and unfinished projects. if this heat wave lasts any longer i may have to break into the crafting stash that i usually save for the winter and create something!

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