Saturday, April 27, 2013

i can do this..

i can make it a habit to write. i'm just taking a break from cleaning and packing.. and enjoying the spring breeze and sunrays coming through the window. still don't know when exactly i'm moving, but i hope it's before i leave for Arkansas so i can get the garden started at least. we went out for a stroll in the downtown core last night to check out the scenes and peek around at the In the Soil art festival to take our minds off the stresses of everything happening at once.

what else.. oh yeah, i turned 28 a few days ago.. i'd have to say it was a pretty good birthday. i feel like i accomplished a lot since the last one, like i've changed as a person for the better. learned some lessons that will keep with me for a long time to come, and i am grateful.

i have learned a thing or two about self confidence, and gained the motivation i needed to take better care of myself. since january i have been focusing on my overall health and expanding on skills and knowledge. not to mention networking, i went from having no place to garden this year to having so many places to choose from i could visit a different one each day of the week.

also, i've managed to settle down into a pretty cushy position in my job, i love the schedule.. it's the shift i have been waiting years for, ever since i started working full time.finally i'll be able to enjoy my evenings and weekends and work out a routine like a 'normal' person, and plan ahead for mini adventures.

..and now that we're finally getting some sun, i'm taking breaks from packing and cleaning to soak it up. i'll be hitting up my papa's house tomorrow for further birthday celebrations, and the weather is supposed to be amazing. and i get to introduce matt to my parents.. even though we've been living together forever we finally started dating. it's hard these days to find someone you can trust, his presence in my life has been a blessing..

2013 is going to be a good year. it already is.. so much freshness. well i've got so much to do, and more sun to soak up.. so imma head outta the interwebs. i'm attempting to use thins thing as a way to keep track of myself and what i've been up to and how i grow, so here's hoping i can keep up with the habit. cheers..!


  1. That's good shit, Sadie. I think you should force yourself to write more often you've got good stuff to share. 28? You're still a youngen...time goes by quicker every year though. Good to see you writing!

    1. wow i haven't checked this in a while... i do need to write more! i ended up moving suddenly, and there's soooo much to do. and so many gardens to build! okay, imma try to write something..! thanks for stopping by <3