Thursday, December 9, 2010

Art Day!

finally after three weeks, i got to hit up an art day last night. sometime back in autumn, my friend Dan, myself and a wee posse of artists from the Niagara region decided to start gathering every wednesday afternoon for Art Day. the idea behind art day is to have a specific time to gather for no other reason than to get creative and enjoy the arts.

our first art day was a little slow, we gathered and discussed various projects that we would like to work on. anything goes, some draw, some write, read, paint, sculpt, sew, create music, design gardens.. whatever each person does to get their creative juices flowing.

the best part about having an Art Day is the inspiration from others. not only having others input and constructive critique, but also the ideas that flow around the room inspire others to go outside of their comfort zones as far as creativity is concerned, and try something new.

the last day may have been my favourite one so far. a ball of hemp twine, a bag of wooden beads and a few nice ceramic ones from the dollar store had three people crafting various pieces of hemp jewelery. it's amazing the things one can learn on youtube!

there's not any pressure to have a project on the go to attend an art day. sometimes it's just nice to sit and converse with others while there's some creation happening. sometimes only music people show up, and it turns into an all out jam session, or even recording session.

don't have an art day to go to? why not start one! pick a day or an evening when you and a few friends are free to gather, and a place with enough seating and surfaces for everyone. it could be as few as 3 or four people, or as many as you can fit! get together and discuss your ideas and goals, bring a sketchpad to jot things down, and get started. it's a nice way to relax with friends and melt away the worries of the world over a nice warm cup of tea and some herbs.

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