Saturday, October 16, 2010


to my world!

it took me a while to get into the whole idea of blogging. now that i'm in, i'm addicted. the first blog i published, The Sage Vagabond [a homeless how-to] is doing very well. i shared the link in a few key forums, and the page sees 50 or so hits a day, from all over the globe. the how-to is laid out like an informational web page and sorted into topics about living outside the box.

my second blog i just started last month. The Sage Wandera is a journal style blog where i am writing about my travels and random wanderings. it's still brand new, i started with the most recent backpacking journey around the East Coast of Canada, and i will continue to go back in time to share the greatest stories from backpacking across the country.

this blog i plan to use as both a list of resources and a journal about anything that has to do with being ME. food, culture, travel, gear, photography, music... you name it, and i'll probably write about it.

thanks for joining me on this virtual joyney thru space and time.

stay blessed!

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